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2011-08-21 06.30.31Allez Le KIWI Chef !


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Bonjour and Welcome to our Waka


With your hosts Stephen and Maurice. We are both very passionate (to say the least!) entertaining chefs.

If playing Top Chef for the day appeals to you, then read on……..


Team Building ” Le KIWI Chef CHALLENGE”
A great way to turn-up the heat and observe who thrives under pressure!

A cooking challenge with a competitive edge designed to get your team thinking and working together. For this event your group will be split into   teams that will cook against the clock, trying to out-do their cooking   colleagues by preparing the tastiest and most professionally presented   dishes. This class is a great way to bring new teams together, revitalize existing bonds or just have a cook-off between friends to decide who the next Le KIWI Chef really is!

team building events

This fast moving and vibrant corporate event with “Le KIWI Chef CHALLENGE”  Cooking Experience will definitely help increase the productivity, competence and loyalty of your staff. As in the analogy of Gold, heat and pressure will bring out either the Gordon Ramsey or the Jamie Oliver in each one of us!

Forget golf days or orienteering sessions. Everyone loves “la bonne cuisine “and absolutely nothing unites people quite like creating and sharing a meal. Have you ever noticed how most big life events involve food? That’s because food nourishes relationships

We can’t think of a better way to reward, unite and inspire your team than spending 4 hours, tasting, having a whale of a time, and of course, cooking. Team building through cooking  “Le KIWI  Chef CHALLENGE” will build relationships as each person is discovered in a different light. You and your guests have a great time “creating your own restaurant”, and bond like never before under our expert care

Your experience is our main focus, with an initial demonstration and excellent ratios of our  Chef/Presenters to your guests, no one gets ‘lost in the sauce’. Every aspect of our events is carefully designed so your team cooking experience is amazing


  “Le KIWI Chef CHALLENGE”  provides corporate cooking events that are:

  • Engaging for all levels of management, all departments, all ages and genders
  • Flexible and carefully crafted to meet your objectives
  • Team Building
  • Effective at building strong relationships and personal confidence with team members as they endeavour to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.
  • Creative and stimulate initiative, inspiration and enthusiasm.
  • Facilitators in  discovering individual leadership skills.
  • Fun and finish the event with a shared meal together.


This is how we do it!

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For Le KIWI Chef CHALLENGE, Your group is split into smaller teams to help the competitive spirit. After an introduction and briefing from Maurice and Stephen (the Master Chefs!), we will then start the main exercise. The delicious three course meal will be thematic e.g. Parisian Bistro, French Provencial,Spanish Tapas etc. Depending on the time frame we will:

Give each team a core ingredient (Meat/Fish) and also access to a very extensive store cupboard of fresh, dried and dairy ingredients, from which they construct an exciting three course gourmet meal in a strict time frame. The group then shares the whole meal (Entrée,Main,Dessert). A winning team is chosen by us and reasons given. The most important criteria used is “Teamwork”.

- All equipment and kitchen wear are provided by us on the day.
- Also included are all ingredients, course folders and course certificate.

- A wonderful French cocktail/Aperitif Kir is offered upon arrival.

Max numbers 80 people •

Prices start at $100.00 per head (GST Inc. ) 

We look forward to hosting you soon.

A bientot …et Bon Appetit!



Tel: 0211405515











team building events.                    

 Allez Le KIWI Chef !

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C O O K I N G    C L A S S E S 

I would love to entertain you and share my passion for the best of French cuisine and culture.


My  French Cooking Classes are a culinary playground, a place for amateur cooks, the curious and those who simply want to learn, explore, and who knows unleash their inner chef.

These are lively hands on cooking classes where you will be inspired with “sensationale” traditional dishes, become culturally enriched as you take a journey in the land of beauty and romance, learn tips and techniques to add to your repertoire, plus some conversational French to top it all off. Oui? Oui!

Born out of a passion for delicious food we will focus on popular French regional cuisines and Parisian Bistrot dishes as well as basic skill sets for ingredient-focused cooking.

The cooking classes will be easy going ,lots of fun and laughter …. hands-on  designed to walk you through each step towards crafting a complete dish.

Times and places will be announced.

So what are you waiting for ?

…..   Get your apron on and let’s have fun!


A Bientot   see you soon!


Chef Stephen