CHEF Stephen

CHEF Stephen

Vive La Fete!

         Tour de France

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                           - Fun hands on Cooking Classes -

                       Regional recipes with Chef Stephen

These lively, hands-on Cooking Classes will focus on doing a Tour de France highlighting traditional dishes from a different region each month and learning about the local stories, some French sayings and also songs to connect you with the region.

Chef Stephen’s French Cooking Classes are a culinary playground, a place for amateur cooks, the curious and those who simply want to learn, explore, and, who knows, unleash their inner chef! After all of your hard work, pull up a seat to the chef’s table, and enjoy dining on your creations with a glass of wine in hand!

We will start with Paris and then we will go to Normandy and onto the Rhone and  Alpes region and then in December Provence and the French Riviera in January.

Paris Bistrot

French Cooking Class

French Cooking Class

Oct 5th 2017

Filet du Boeuf et Sauce au Poivre

with homemade Frites/or Asparagus

(Steak au Poivre)

This classic Bistro dish of Pepper-crusted Steak with a Cognac-flavored cream Sauce is found on menus throughout France

Apple Cinnamon Tarte Tatin 

Dark and sticky Caramel, sweet Apples and crisp Pastry combine to make this heavenly French dessert.

October          5   Paris

October        12    Normandy

October        26    Normandy

November    2    The Rhone/Alps

November  16   The Rhone/Alps

November  23 Celebration Dinner

Le Beaujolais Nouveau

November  30  Provence

December     7   Provence

January          11 French Riviera

January          25 French Riviera

            Cost: $48-00  This includes all ingredients and equipment supplied.

                Payments through EVENTS PRONTO  


When you arrive, you are offered a glass of bubbles and aperitifs. Arrive for aperitif at 5:30, cooking class starts at 6pm.  At the end of each class ( 7.30pm) you’ll enjoy being seated around the table to dine.  BYO wine welcomed.


Vanilla Café

291 Maungatapu Rd, Maungatapu, Tauranga

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Kia Ora my name is Stephen (Kiwi born with French ancestry) and as you may guess I am a passionate foodie, wine lover and self taught chef. I have been doing Cooking Classes for Television , Hands on classes for both young and old all over Tauranga in private homes, institutions, maraes, and restaurants!

Good food takes time
Technique is a means and culinary artistry visually appetising
but flavour is the only true hand to guide you  



I have lived in the beautiful city of Paris for 26 years

where I co-founded the restaurant

KIWIZINE (pronounced k’wisine for the french).

..go check it out if in Paris (92 rue Rebeval 75019)paris photos9

My love for food began in my early teenage years with my days work consisting of peeling two bins of onions and spuds in my Dad’s restaurant “Leonardo’s”.

Since then my culinary journey has taken me all over the world with Paris France as my homestay and anchor .




I sincerely invite you to my lively cooking classes where you will be

(1) inspired with new and ever so tasty seasonal dishes,

(2) culturally enriched as we journey in global cuisine,

(3) learn tips and techniques to add to your repertoire, and

(4) why not a little conversational French to top it all off ! Oui? Oui!

So without any further ado , hope to see you real soon chez moi or chez vous in the kitchen !


Kai Time

garden pantry 06082014 016

The Garden Pantry


How Did You Do That





paris photo1  

Transport yourself to a corner bistro in Paris at our “French Bistro Cooking Class”. Sip a glass of wine and enjoy rustic Bistro Cuisine! The food sings of simple passion and attention to detail.  Relaxed and unpretentious dining focusing on warm winter flavours of France are the hallmarks of this class. Learn slow cooked recipes that have been enjoyed over centuries in France. These classic dishes will be a favorite on your dinner table for years to come! Put on your beret and let’s cook up a storm! .All classes are hands-on, so each class participant will actually learn how to cook. Each class is followed by a wonderful dinner where we all sit down together, learn a little French lingo, maybe have a glass of wine and enjoy the dishes that have been prepared.

Starter (Entrée)

Crottin de Chevre au Thym et Miel.
Walnut Roquette  Salad with classic Dijon vinaigrette and grilled Goat cheese medallions in Thyme and Honey.

Main (Plat Principal)

Boeuf Bourgignon
Braised Beef cheeks (so tender they fall off the fork) with burgundy sauce and potato puree.

Apple Tarte Tatin, one of my favourite desserts.

The experience runs for 3 hours. Thursday night classes start at 6pm, or choose Saturday at 10am or 5pm. Please book quickly to ensure you get the date you’d like.

$59 for a 3 Hour French Bistro Cooking Class by Kiwizine Chef Stephen.

Tauranga Fish and Dive Club
60 Cross Road (immediately adjacent to the Sulphur Point Boat Ramps)
Sulphur Point

Please call me if you have any questions / or for Booking availability.

Tel: 0211405515





STARTER (Entrée)

Scallops (Coquilles St Jacques)

Creamy leek Scallops in crisp pastry parcels

Pan roasted, flambé and perfectly caramelised with a creamy cognac/chardonnay reduction. An exotic elegant seafood dish from the Calvados region of my ancestors (Emile Borel) – very delicate and extremely delicious.

Coquilles St Jacques a la Provençale. (Provincial Scallops}.

Coquilles St Jacques a la Provençale. (Provincial Scallops}.



 MAINS (Plat Principal)

Duck Confit   Crisp and golden brown that will melt in your mouth(served with Gratin dauphinoise /potato gratin and Champignons de Paris/mushroom ragout )..This dish is so delicious and I will teach you the Technique and Process to Make the Classic French Duck Dish which is a speciality of the South West of France


Traditional Creme Brulee

 One of my favourite desserts, I love the intriguing contrast between cold, creamy French custard and the brittle, hot layer of caramelised sugar



  Autumn Cooking Class


Soupe de courgette et cresson. 

A delicous creamy courgette and fresh young watercress soup “de la compagne.”

Scallops (Coquilles St Jacques)

Pan roasted, flambé and perfectly caramelised with a creamy cognac/chabli reduction encased in a crispy pastry shell. An exotic elegant seafood dish from the Calvados region of Stephen’s ancestors (Emile Borel) – very delicate and   extremely delicious.

  Beef Bourgignon served with Pomme Dauphinoise (Potato gratin).

The heartiest of French casseroles that provides the perfect marriage of very tender chunky cuts of beef, braised in red wine and herbs and bacon in one very delicious dish.

Calvados Sorbet “trou Normand.

A refreshing palate cleanser between dishes to make room for more happy indulgence. This is a delightful homemade sorbet with “un touche de Calvados”      (traditional apple cider brandy).

Brie de Meaux fromage et petite salade verte

        small salad and cheese from France

  Mousse au chocolat noir

        Dark chocolate mousse

Bon Appetit!



Location. Your home any night between May and June or

The beautiful mariner Fish and Diving Club.(Thursday and Saturday nights only May-June)


Numbers are limited so please book early.

Contact  Stephen  0211405515  -  075525642

E mail







Location. The beautiful mariner restaurant NAUTILUS

Timetable  Monday 7th  and 14th January



Numbers are limited so please book early.

Contact  Stephen  0211405515

E mail


All course are gluten free and” tres riche” in Omega 3


You will learn the art of making a really to die for four course menu which “evidemment” you will get to devour!
Over the two and a half hours we will execute the following summer dishes that will hopefully impress your entourage in your home environment.There will be hands on experience with individual attention from the chef .




Petite salade de Cassis (light salad of roasted cherry tomatoes, shaved fennel and marinated grilled prawns.

The perfect summer starter…with a glass of Rose you would think you were down in Provence in the quaint coastal village of cassis near Marseille!




Calvados sorbet “trou Normand”

A refreshing palate cleanser between dishes to make room for more happy indulgence! This is a delightful sorbet with” une touche de Calvados” (Traditional Apple cider Brandy)…the home of my ancestor Emile Borel (Normandy/Calvados) He settled in Tauranga in 1841.



Salmon Confit (Aoraki) with coriander and walnut salad (Tarator) and light citron couscous.

A beautiful festive dish  from Lebanon. I loved doing this exquisite dish using middle eastern produce( tahini,sumac,mint,coriander,natural yogurt etc)


Parisian Chocolat Fondant with sauce a l’Orange…we will as the french say “Terminer en beaute” finish in style with a delicate rich chocolate dessert and sauce to die for!

I lived near the Eiffel Tower and discovered Le Chocolatier “Marquise de Sevigne” and  entrusted with this dessert…the rest is history!

Bon Appetit et A bientot!

Private Dinner Class

Private Dinner Class

Private French Dinner Class

Private French Dinner Class





July  – September

french restaurant sign

Lunch and Dinner appointments  

Voici le Menu
Scallops (coquilles St Jacques) 
Pan roasted, and perfectly caramelised with a creamy cognac reduction. An exotic elegant seafood dish from the Calvados region of my ancestors ( Emile Borel ) – very delicate and extremely delicious
French Onion Soup and crunchy baked  croutons with melted cheese.
This ever so popular French soup is made from slowly  cooked, caramelised onions that turn mellow and sweet in a broth laced with white wine and cognac. 
Duck Confit ( served with your choice of Puy Lentils / mushroom ragout or Potato and Leek Gratin )
This dish is my family’s all time favourite that we serve on the most special occasions….if you haven’t tried nows the time!  
Pan roasted fresh Aoraki Salmon Confit ( served with your choice of Puy Lentils / mushroom ragout or potato and Leek Gratin )
This will literally melt in your mouth. I put a subtil chilli and ginger marinade to give a personal twist.
Creme Brulee with Raspberry Puree
One of my favourite desserts. I love the intriguing contrast between cold, creamy French custard and the brittle, hot layer of caramelising sugar
Bitter Chocolate Mousse and Orange Zest
As the cartoonist Charles M Schultz said” All you need is love but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt! The combination of good quality chocola
te (72 % ) and orange is simply so divine. Le mariage parfait !          

I intend to make this dinner party very special, cooking a decadent meal and creating a fun, memorable occasion

This includes all ingredients, equipment, written recipes and tuition

LOCATION: Chez vous – your home.

CLASSES: 12 maximum

TIMETABLE: Lunch/Dinner




Starter Choice to warm you up


Soupe de Poisson (Fish Soup) de Marseilles

This delicious home-made fish soup with saffron and tomato flavours is served with grated gruyere cheese, some croutons and the little kick of pepperiness from the gorgeous ‘rouille”, a garlicky, saffron mayonnaise.

Moules mariniere “mariners mussels

A traditional Normandy speciality ,the home of my ancestor Emile Borel,with green lipped mussels simmered in a divine white wine sauce,onions,herbs and a tiny splash of cream.


Main Choice


Beef Bourgignon served with Gratin Dauphinois

The heartiest of French casserroles that provides the perfect marriage of chunky cuts of beef,braised in red wine and herbs and bacon in one delicious dish.Sheer bliss!


Coq au Vin served with Gratin dauphinois

A wonderful French classic,tender corn fed chicken slow cooked in red wine,with a sauce that is rich but not heavy,perfect for a cool autumn night.


Dessert Choice


Apple cinnamon Tarte Tintin with whipped cream

Profiteroles with chocolate sauce,vanilla icecream  and grilled almonds.


 The theme for late March and April will be a 5 course Degustation

“Aphrodisiac Delight”!

All courses absolutely gluten free and “tres riche” in Omega 3.

A really to die for five course  menu  which of course you will get to taste and devour ! Over the  two hours together (or more if I talk too much !) we will execute the following dishes that will hopefully impress your entourage once in your home environment.

Midday  sessions begin with a fresh ground coffee from EXELSO   .


L’OUVERTURE (The Opener)                                    Japanese inspired Bluff Oyster shooters. Fresh in season.


ENTREE               Swimming  from the trawler                  Tuna/Kingfish Sashimi “Carpaccio” with a divine ginger soy and ol

ive oil sauce with wakame. (japanese seaweed). I just can’t get enough!


PLAT PRINCIPAL (MAIN DISH)                                Fabulous Lebanese Salmon Confit (Aoraki) with Tarator sauce and coriander,walnut salad. A beautiful festive dish from Lebanon that I loved  doing in Paris at my restaurant KIWIZINE.


 CALVADOS APPLE SORBET “trou normand”  (refreshing palate cleanser between dishes) The home of my ancestor Emile Borel (Normandy/Calvados). He settled in Tauranga in 1841.

 DESSERT                                                                      Le Fondant de Royat –      Fondant Gateau au chocolat with a sauce ” a l,orange”.    (my all time favourite desert to die for !) I lived near the Eiffel Tower and discovered Le chocolatier “Marquise de Sevigne”….and am now ruined for the ordinary!

……and of course a glass of chilled “fabuleux” Marlborough Chardonney !


Bon Appetit !


CLASSES:  6 to 8 participants maximum per session. Numbers are limited so please book early. I will do my utmost not to disappoint.This course “Seafood Degustation” will end in May.

TIMETABLE:    12am-2pm           7pm-9pm

Contact : Stephen  0211405515  -

E mail